Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction
At On Point Dental, we will always try to repair your damaged or decayed teeth before considering an extraction.

However, if a tooth is damaged beyond repair, or its presence is causing other problems like crowding, an extraction may be necessary.

Our dentists can help you understand what’s involved in a general extraction and what options are available for replacing your extracted tooth.

Who needs general extraction?

Dental extractions are suitable for people whose teeth are too badly damaged to repair with a root canal, crowns or fillings. Our dentists may recommend extraction for teeth that are:

  • Damaged by trauma or tooth decay
  • Infected by gum disease and other infections
  • Causing crowding
  • Impacted in the gums.

Even healthy teeth may need to be extracted if you are having dental implants or dentures fitted. If the problem is with your wisdom teeth, please note that wisdom teeth removal is often a more complex procedure than general extraction.

How are teeth extracted?

Following your consult, our dentists usually begin by taking an x-ray of your mouth to plan the most effective treatment.

Not all extractions are the same. A Simple Extraction is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the loosening and pulling of the tooth using forceps. Local anaesthetic is injected into the treated area prior to extraction so that you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. General anaesthetic may be used if you are having multiple teeth extracted in the same visit.

However, if the tooth is impacted in the gum, your dentist will need to perform a Surgical Extraction. This procedure may be carried out using local anaesthetic in combination with IV sedation or general anaesthesia and involves opening the gums to access the tooth and the root.

How are teeth replaced?

When a tooth has been extracted, the gap left behind needs to be filled as soon as possible to protect the surrounding teeth and prevent further oral health problems.

Our dentists will discuss dental implants such as bridges and crowns and other options for tooth replacement during your consultation. These may be fitted during the same visit, or we will provide a temporary denture to protect the vacant space until your next appointment.

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