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Dental Implants

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Needing to replace your teeth? Come speak with our friendly team On Point Dental about your dental implant options.

If your smile has gaps following tooth loss or extractions, dental implants help to restore strength to your mouth and support natural-looking replacement teeth.

Our Fremantle based team at On Point Dental can help fit quality and affordable dental implants to replace as many teeth as you need.

Want to know more? Check out our frequently asked questions below to answer any questions you may have!

Dental Implants – FAQs

What are dental implants?

Dental implants (“screw in teeth”) are devices made of titanium to replace the root of the tooth or give support to a prosthesis to improve appearance and ability to chew (your masticatory function).

They are suitable for patients who are missing or have lost one, several or all of their teeth.

The titanium is Grade V, which is aerospace rated!

If you’re covered by health insurance providers like HBF or Bupa, dental implants can be surprisingly affordable.

Who needs dental implants?

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.

If you’d like to fix a gap in your smile, or replace a decaying tooth in a more permanent manner – dental implants are for you.

If you need to replace an entire arch, we recommend fixed full arch dental implants that can be combined with dental bridges and crowns in a single visit and don’t require bone grafting.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants offer a number of advantages over other options such as dentures:

  • Implants are a permanent fixture in your mouth that will last a lifetime
  • Dental Implants secure crowns and bridges that look and function like real teeth
  • They support your jaw and stimulate bone growth
  • Let you enjoy your favourite food and drink, without worry!
How long does it take to get dental implants?

Once an implant is placed (sometimes even on the day of extraction of a tooth), it takes a minimum of 3 months for the bone to grow and integrate with the implant before a tooth or prosthesis can be attached to it.

Don’t worry, as your reliable Fremantle implants dentist, we will provide you with a temporary replacement tooth in the meantime!

Is there such a thing as same day or emergency dental treatment for implants?

If you are missing all your teeth, implants and teeth can be placed within a week with prior planning.

While our Fremantle practice accepts emergency dental appointments, given the level of planning required, same day dental implants are not possible.

What is the dental implant process like?

There are 4 steps to dental implant treatment:

  1. Diagnosis

Your dentist will evaluate your oral and medical history and current scenario to find the best possible solution for you. This is aided by 2D and 3D radiographic imaging.

The location of implant(s) and the possible need for additional bone or soft tissue grafting will also be discussed prior to treatment.

  1. Placing of the implant

Your dental professional will place one or more implants surgically. Bone or tissue grafting will also be done at this appointment.

  1. Healing

Stitches are usually removed around 2 weeks after surgery. Healing can take from three to several months depending on the situation.

  1. Restoration

Once healing is complete, an impression or scan of the implant will be taken and then a tooth custom made by a laboratory.

To guarantee success in more complex cases where multiple teeth need to be replaced, sometimes a few trial prostheses need to be tried in to assure a perfect fit and aesthetics before finalization.

What is a bone graft?

A bone graft is a surgical procedure to grow, preserve or repair bone in cases where it is deficient, thin or damaged.

The bone can be of bovine (cow), porcine (pig), human (donor or your own) or synthetic origin.

This procedure is done either before or simultaneously during implant placement.

What is a gum or soft tissue graft?

A gum or soft tissue graft is a surgical procedure to grow, replace or repair the gums around the implant in cases where it is deficient, thin or damaged.

The graft is either harvested from your own mouth or of synthetic nature.

This procedure is done either before or simultaneously during implant placement.

How much do dental implants in Perth cost?

The cost of dental implants in Perth (and Fremantle!) usually start at $5,000. Any bone grafting or soft tissue grafting cost is added on top of that. 

While our dental implants cost may seem high, this is relatively affordable compared to Perth and Fremantle dentists with similar experience levels.

Additionally, we are HBF Member Plus Providers. This means HBF Members can minimise their out-of-pocket dental implant costs. HBF can provide cover for major work, such as dental implants, depending on your level of cover.

Book your consult today through our online portal.

Are implants covered by insurance? Any particular providers?

Does HBF cover dental implants? Yes, dental implants are covered by insurance providers like HBF and Bupa! 

We accept all providers and you will get some cover if you have major dental as part of your insurance plan.

How easy is it to get a dental implant appointment in Fremantle or Perth?

On Point Dental is a centrally located dentist in Fremantle and we always ensure to prioritise patients looking for quality dental implant work. We understand how stressful it can be to be missing teeth!

If you’re looking for a Fremantle same day dentist, you can count on us.

We’re a six minute walk from the Fremantle Train Station. Come by to learn more about our affordable dental implants, book an appointment online or give us a call on (08) 9430 4181.

How do I care for my dental implant?

If your implant is a single tooth, treat it like your own natural tooth! Brush and floss it daily to ensure it lasts for years.

If it is an implant bridge or multiple tooth prosthesis, we recommend extra home care such as interdental brushes, superfloss or waterpiks.

Should I get a dental implant or bridge?

The major advantage of implants is that you do not need to drill into the adjacent teeth. You can floss around an implant like a natural tooth rather than having to clean under the Bridge.

This provides a more natural and comfortable feel in your mouth with no extra maintenance steps!

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