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Mercury Fillings

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Mercury Fillings
Mercury or amalgam fillings have been commonly used in the past by dentists for their strong, long-lasting and relatively cheap qualities. Today, it is uncommon for amalgam to be used in dental restorations as safer, more biocompatible materials have become available.
Amalgam fillings can potentially release low levels of mercury into the body over time. Toxic in nature, dentists will commonly recommend the removal of amalgam fillings to prevent mercury from entering the body and causing harm.

Our local Fremantle dentists are expertly trained in safe amalgam filling removal. We can remove your old fillings and replace them with safer, natural-looking white fillings on the same day.

Who needs amalgam removal?

Anyone who has metallic fillings is potentially at risk of mercury poisoning, as these fillings contain a small amount of mercury that is toxic to the body.

Amalgam fillings were the standard in dental restorations before white fillings gained popularity, and some dentists still use these fillings today despite the dangers. Amalgam fillings need to be removed by a qualified dental practitioner who is trained in the safe handling and disposal of mercury.

What are the benefits of amalgam filling removal?

Even small amounts of mercury can create serious health issues. If mercury fillings become damaged by trauma or during dental surgery, low levels of elemental mercury in the form of vapour can be inhaled into the lungs and body. People around you who may breathe in the mercury vapour will also be at risk.

When you have your mercury fillings removed, you are eliminating a potential health hazard. You can also enjoy greater peace of mind and look forward to a natural looking smile with white fillings.

Mercury Fillings close-up

How are mercury fillings removed?

Our professional dentists are trained in the safe removal and responsible disposal of mercury fillings. During your consultation, we will take an x-ray of your mouth and explain what the amalgam removal procedure involves, so you know what to expect and can ask any questions.

During the procedure, we will isolate the tooth being treated with a rubber dam and protect your nose and throat to ensure that no mercury can enter. Local anaesthesia may be used to numb the area being treated if the filling is difficult to remove.

The metal filling is carefully removed in pieces using a dental bur and suction is used to remove any mercury vapour that may be present in the tooth cavity. When the area is clean, we will fill the cavity with a white composite resin or porcelain filling to protect the tooth and restore its natural appearance.

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