Crowns & Bridges

If you are having teeth extracted or repaired, dental bridges and crowns help to restore your natural smile and prevent other oral health problems in the future.

Our local team at On Point Dental are skilled in fitting dental crowns and bridges to help you maintain your sparkling smile.

Who needs dental bridges and crowns?

You may need a bridge or crown if you have missing or damaged teeth.

Dental bridges are prosthetic teeth that are fitted over dental implants in parts of the mouth where teeth are missing following extractions or tooth loss.

Bridges are anchored by crowns fitted over the neighbouring teeth. If there are no surrounding teeth, or the front teeth are being replaced, a cantilever bridge or composite resin bonding may be used instead.

Dental crowns are partial prosthetic teeth that are bonded to damaged or discoloured teeth to restore their strength and appearance.

Crowns are also used to support bridges and may be fitted to strengthen teeth after a root canal treatment.

What are the benefits of crowns and bridges?

Dental bridges and crowns improve the appearance and health of your mouth.

They help to:

  • Restore your natural smile following tooth loss or damage
  • Improve the strength and function of your mouth
  • Prevent teeth from shifting into empty spaces
  • Reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease when food becomes trapped.

How are bridges and crowns fitted?

If you are having a bridge fitted, you will first need dental implants. These should be allowed to fuse with your jaw for at least six months before bridges are placed.

Because bridges and crowns are custom fitted, our dentists need to take an impression of your mouth during your consultation. We will first prepare any teeth that will be covered with crowns by removing the outer layer of the tooth and placing a temporary crown that should be worn until your next visit.

When your new bridge or crowns have been made, we will fit and bond them in place under local or general anaesthetic. You can continue to eat and drink as normal after crowns and bridges are fitted, and you should continue to brush and floss the area as normal to prevent tooth decay.

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